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Garn: Schachenmayr Rheuma Wool

Stickfasthet: 36m per 10 cm

Stickor: 2,5 mm strumpstickor

Mönster på engelska:


C3F: Slip 2 sts to cable needle, hold in FRONT of work, k1, k2 from cable needle. (Alternately k 3rd st behind the 2 first, then knit these two before slipping the 3rd, already knitted st from needle)

Rib pattern: * k3, p2 * around

Cable pattern (see chart):

1: C3F, p2, k3, p2

2-7: * k3, p2 * around

(Knit chart: http://jacquie.typepad.com/Charts/knitChart.htm)


-CO 60 sts, divide evenly on 3 dpn and join for working in the round (being careful not to twist)

-Work 14 rows of rib pattern (or desired number of rows)

-Work 7 repeats of cable pattern (or until desired length) before beginning inc for thumb gusset

Thumb gusset:

Setting up: k29 in pattern, place marker, m1, place marker, k in pattern to end of row

1: k to marker in pattern, slip marker, k sts between markers, slip marker, k in pattern to end of row

2(inc row):  k to marker in pattern, sm, m1, k until next marker, m1, sm,  k in pattern to end of row

– Repeat rows 1-2 of thumb gusset until there are 23 sts in between markers

Next row: place gusset sts on holder, continue working in the round.

-Continue until there are a total of 14 repeats of cable pattern

-Work desired additional rows in rib pattern to create upper cuff.

-BO in rib pattern with a 3 mm crochet needle


-Pick up the 23 sts from the holder, and pick up and knit additional 3 sts from gap. Join and work in the round

-K 12 rows in stockinette

-K 3 rows in * k1, p1 * rib

– BO in k1, p1 rib with a 3 mm crochet needle

Right glove: Place thumb gusset after 24 sts in pattern. If a mirrored version of the first glove is requested, C3B instead (slip 1 st to cable needle, hold to back of work, k2, k1 from cable needle)

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